20 Cubic Yards - MAX LOAD 5.5 TONS

*Please note, we have lots of dumpsters. Our provided dimensions are accurate but the color of the dumpster may be different.


Dumpster Rental  – $250.00

Dumping fees – Determined by weight at time of tipping

Sitting fees  will be charged automatically once the container is initially placed

Additional Charges

Over fill line / Overload  $100 fee will be assessed for containers which are overloaded and/or not able to be tarped for safe transport.

 Inaccessible Container  $100 fee will be assessed for containers that have been scheduled for service but are not accessible. Examples include when the container is blocked by vehicles or materials.

Move  $75 fee will be assessed when dumpster is moved from one location to another. In the event we reset a container that was not authorized to be moved, the fee will be applied.


Hauling Minimum Terms

Containers are to be tipped a minimum of once every 10 days.

Customers may schedule a dump and return service or a final pick up within the 10 days and be charged typical Container Rental & Landfill fees with taxes.

Should the customer choose not to have dump and return service or pickup within the 10 days allotted then on the 11th day the account will be charged a Sitting Fee of $100. The Sitting Fee will be charged as $100.00 every 10 days that the container has not been serviced with a dump & return or a pickup.

Service Area

We do not currently service Oklahoma.

Containers are to be placed within 25 miles of Fort Smith, containers placed 25-50 miles outside of Fort Smith will have an additional Trip Charge of $50.00 each time the container is serviced or delivered..

Please download and review our terms before placing an order for a dumpster: